Knights of St. John
 Commandery No. 382 
Buffalo Grand Commandery, 2nd Regiment, 3rd Battalion
Queen of Heaven R.C.C., West Seneca, NY
Knight Regalia

    The Knights of St. John International, Constitution permits a Local Commandery, Commander the authority to promote (1) First Sergeant, (5) Sergeants and (8) Corporals in accordance to Chapter VI Local Commanderies Section 36 and Section 39.  The Local Commandery, Commander is also authorized in accordance to Chapter XI Military, Service Stripes to award Sir Knights and Non-Commissioned Officers Service Stripes and Service Crosses for their long and faithful service to the Order and their Faith.   
    Commandery No. 382 has reprodcued various accoucrements for the Knights of St. John International Military Uniform to assist in rewarding Knights with promotions and service awards for long and faithfult service to the Order.  KStJI Chevrons, Service Stripes and Service Crosses are sold in a set.  KStJI Chevrons are sewn 7"" below the shoulder seam on both sleeves.  KStJI Sir Knight and Non-Commissioned Officer Service Stripes and Service Crosses are sewn 1" above sleeve ornamentation.  Officer Service Crosses are sewn 6" above sleeve cuff.  Please check back.  Commandery No. 382 is always adding new items.  If you wish to acquire any of these items please contact:
Capt. James M. Gibbons II

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